Your Company’s Website – Professional Online Presence

Your Company’s Website – Professional Online Presence
A website image should match a company’s quality objectives to build your company’s online presence. Does yours? The truth is a poorly designed website can damage a company’s online presence. More so, your website is your online presence. Internet users expect a reputable company to have a high-quality online presence reflected in a quality and professional website. Think about it as an electronic business card or brochure; a first-class website shows that a company is serious and professional. A website that is well presented, designed and developed will open a myriad of options for low-cost marketing and client acquisition.

This is the first segment in a three-part series that addresses the guidelines on how to plan, present and develop your company’s website. The full series includes:
Professional Online Presence
Quality Web Site — Quality Approach
Website Design, Development & Marketing Aspects

Your Company’s Web Site – Professional Online Presence
If your company strives for quality, this should be expressed as much by your website as it is with your company’s products and services. From now on, consider your website as an extension of those products and services; consider it as your company online presence. Ask yourself what is important to you and your customers when it comes to the services or products your company provides? Is it the advantages like quality, performance, presentation and reliability that are offered? Does your current web site reflect this? Revisit your company’s mission statement – is this also reflected in the website?
It’s amazing how many companies do not have a professional online presence for fear of expense (in which case, they often opt for a “do-it-yourself” product). A well-developed, well-designed website is not a cost; it’s an investment, and any related expenses will convert into new clients. At present, there are several reputable organizations that will help your company build an effective web site for a reasonable price.
It is proven that R.O.I is quickly met when the website properly addresses your requirements and /or target market. Keep in mind that your website is the least expensive 24/7 (worldwide) salesman that you will ever find.

It’s important to find a team of website design experts who will listen to you, understand your needs, and not only follow your guidelines, but also present you with new options and suggestions to increase your sales and customer acquisition. A good team will produce a professional online presence that is in tune with your company’s image, excels in usability and is search-engine friendly.

Online marketing for your website is also very important since your utmost goal is to attract users that search for the products or services you offer. A high-quality website that is lost among search engines is like placing an expensive ad in a magazine that nobody buys. If Web browsers cannot find your site, they are limited in how they can purchase your product or service. Treat your we site as a marketing tool, not only as a source for company information.

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