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Digital Marketing is no longer a pretty alternative. It is, by all means, an imperative step for businesses aiming for growth. Today, I bring you the top 25 industry experts whom you need to follow right now for wisdom, growth hacks, and development. 

These trendsetters dictate what’s cool and what’s not. Whatever they say, pretty much becomes the final word and is an irrefutable force to reckon with:

1. Amanda Murray

AmandaAmanda is a Digital Marketing Manager with seoplus+ – an award-winning digital marketing agency with offices across Canada and the USA. Along with her team, she is dedicated to executing an affordable online marketing strategy for her SME clients. 

Her strength lies in retaining her clients and ensuring that she exceeds her expectations and objectives time and again while never failing to align with the budget. 

2. Charlene Nguyen

Charlene NguyenCharlene professionally identifies herself as the Founder and Digital Marketing Specialist at Chee Agency. 

She has a thorough knowledge of social media marketing, understands PPC campaigns, A&B testing, e-commercial, SEO, SEO local, Google Analytics, and AdWord. She’s best known for Growth Hacking for 50k Facebook followers in 5 months and100k Instagram followers in 12 months.

3. Crista-lea Kirk

CristaKirk extends her expertise as the strategic Digital Marketing Director at Marwick Marketing – a Google Partner Agency and Award-winning SEO/PPC firm.

Under her dedicated leadership, the company has risen to the nominations of BC small business award. The nature of her work and her passion has kept her acquainted with Google’s ever-changing algorithms. 

4. Elena Yanovskaya-Herweyer

Elena Yanovskaya-HerweyerElena is a CEO / Creative Director at Art Fresh- a multi-award winning agency that focuses on marketing strategy, brand design, marketing communication, and finally building a brand and managing it. 

Elena is an award-winning Creative Director, best known for developing dynamic marketing concepts and increasing brand recognition for Kimberly-Clark, L’Oreal, Kraft Foods, Giorgio Armani, Gillette, and Samsung. 

5. Glen Mitchell

Glen MitchellGlen currently works as a Digital Marketing Consultant at Expedited Motion Process Serving Ltd. He is a master planner, manager, and executor when it comes to marketing campaigns. 

His list of specializations is thorough and includes Web Analytics and Attribution, Lead Generation/Customer Acquisition, SEM, SEO, Brand Positioning, Project Management, and more. 

6. Grant (Calgary) Higginson

Grant (Calgary) HigginsonHigginson is a  data-driven digital marketing consultant who provides extremely high value to his clients via his own business experience and a network of knowledgeable experts in SEO, Branding, etc

He prefers to keep it different and humorously compares digital marketing to the dating world. He also emphasizes on automation and ML strategies in the marketing arena. Higginson’s expertise lay in cutting advertising costs and creating customized brand messaging that gets results. 

7. Greg Vasil

gregGreg is a Digital Marketing Manager at Crowdlinker – a business that helps companies build transformative user experiences, find product-market fit, and scale with great software engineering. 

As a winner in the digital space, he has executed successful Google PPC Ads campaigns, launched and managed profitable Facebook Ads campaigns, crafted actionable and impactful inbound SEO/SEM strategies, and written technical SEO audit recommendations. 

8. Hayley Bendzik

Hayley BendzikHayley professionally identifies herself as a Brand and Marketing Strategist at YYC3 – a top DM consultancy that connects individuals and businesses through story-telling. Hayley works with businesses of all sizes to conduct brand audits, manage digital and social media, extend user experience expertise,  deliver SEO, website designing, and more.

9. Ian Chambers

Ian ChambersIan professionally identifies as a Digital Marketing Director at Crowd Control Digital – a full service social and digital marketing agency. His strength is the years of experience that have built him. Along with his team, he works on ideating and executing strategies that grow business by leaps and bounds in the digital world. 

He swears by the mantra of  ‘customer retention through engagement’. 

10. Kathy Waterman

Kathy WatermanKathy is a Digital Marketing Specialist currently occupied at Bluetrain – a data-driven, relationship-based digital marketing agency that helps brands navigate the online marketing world.

She owns a wide platter of strengths that include website development, web analytics, SEO, and conversion rate optimization. Kathy is a seasoned professional and has served businesses of all sizes and varied genres (retail, travel, non-profits, to name a few). 

11. Kumar Vaibhav Tanwar

kumarTanwar is a seasoned Digital Marketing Specialist currently working with BrandLume  – a global agency for all branding, website, and digital marketing services. 

He stands out for his exceptional leadership skills that have built winning teams in the online marketing space over the years. 

Tanwar collaborates with brands that uncomplicate the world of online services and find an edge with simplicity, transparency, and efficiency.

12. Matt Geraghty

Matt GeraghtyMatt currently works as a Digital Marketing Enthusiast and Owner at Matty G Digital. Matt is known for growing businesses with all aspects of online marketing – ads, email, search engines, and social media. 

He managed a portfolio of accounts totaling more than half a million in annual retainers and the same in annual ad spend. And that speaks volumes about his expertise.

13. Matija (Mat) Krunic

Matija (Mat) KrunicMatija is a Digital Marketing Manager at Toronto web marketing – an agency that aims to enhance the visibility and profitability of the websites/brands. His list of achievements is thorough and includes ranking Licensed Producers and others nationally on Google Search. 

Matija is not merely an expert but someone who has experience in training individuals who later became digital marketing experts.

14. Mayank Gupta

Mayank GuptaMayank is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Integral Digital marketing – a business that focuses on helping clients accelerate their business growth with digital marketing. 

He has various achievements to his name – digital marketing certification, expertise in SEO, CRO, content marketing, paid advertising, email marketing, professional blogging, and ultimately launching Integral Digital, to name a few. 

15. Michael Gardash

Michael GardashMichael is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Dbrand. He’s a seasoned marketing professional who has broken records when it comes to product management, channel development, and partner relations. 

He quirky swears by Return on Customer Satisfaction. 

His expertise lies in Online digital marketing (PPC, SEO, SEM, Email, Content) and Google AdWords Certified (Advanced Search, Advanced Display Marketing).

16. Mikhail Panov

Mikhail PanovMikhail is a Digital Marketing Manager at Wise Bread – a community of bloggers to enable you to live large on a small budget. With years of expertise backing his skills, he excels at Native PPC, SEM, SEO, and more. 

Mikhail has 5+ years of experience in planning, executing, and optimizing digital marketing campaigns and can maximize conversions at minimum costs.

17. Nima Nassirian

Nima NassirianNima is a seasoned Marketing director at Doctor Marketing – a full-service marketing agency especially for SMEs. The agency specializes in marketing automation, email marketing, advertising, paid search, and CRM. 

With over 12 years of experience in digital marketing space, Nima is interestingly best-known for how he grew a $50,000 startup into a $30 million brand in under 12 months.

18. Owais Qureshi

Owais QureshiQureshi currently works as a Brand and Marketing Manager at Cubicle fugitive – a full-service brand, marketing, and web development agency that focuses on the development of concrete business strategies to promote brand awareness. 

Qureshi also holds various digital marketing and project management certifications ranging from Social Media Marketing to Google Analytics IQ to his name. 

19. Patrick Kasebzarif

Patrick KasebzarifCurrently, Patrick serves as the Digital Marketing Manager at Havas Canada – a business that strives to create meaningful connections between people and brands through creativity, media, and innovation. 

He identifies himself as a result-oriented professional with experience in brand management, change management, corporate communications, crisis communications, digital advertising, digital transformation, and more. 

20. Paula J

Paula JPaula currently serves as the Chief Brand Officer at Aqomi – a remote full-service agency that specializes in strategy, branding, and creatives for organizations around the world.

Through her skills and expertise, she works to cumulate the efforts and expectations of her researchers, designers, and clients. She’s also an advocate of brand excellence through consistency across all mediums of communication.

21. Philipp Beckermann

Philipp BeckermannPhilipp is the CEO & Digital Marketing Specialist at Interactive Media Productions (IMP). 

He’s also the owner and president of the company and originally founded it to create interactive multimedia CD-ROMs for European companies. Philipp excels at Website Design and Development, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Paid digital campaigns, Social media marketing, Lead Generation, and more. 

22. Sarah Charrouf

Sarah CharroufSarah is currently serving as a Digital Project Manager at Bowery Creative – a full-service digital marketing agency that plans, produces, and promotes businesses online.

Her digital marketing expertise covers a wide spectrum ranging from Google & Facebook ad campaign creation/ management to SEO to Copywriting and editing for web and ads and Landing page design and development.

23. Yash Thapar

yashYash is currently a Facebook Advertising Specialist at H2O Digital. He has worked with prominent brands such as RBC, Visa & General Motors, and has also run Facebook ads for local businesses. 

Yash is extremely passionate about emerging technology like Messenger Bots and finds it fascinating to leverage it to help businesses connect with their customers.

24. Yuliya Sidletska

Yuliya SidletskaYuliya is currently a Digital Marketing Manager at Gobuzz – a one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs. She professionally identifies as a decisive and value-oriented creative expert in digital, brand, and event marketing. 

With over 10 years of experience to her name, she’s best known for providing complex strategies for leading businesses like Puma, BDO, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Jacobs, Microsoft, and more.

25. Zeev Orzakovski

Zeev OrzakovskiZeev currently extends his leadership as the Managing Partner at h2odigital – an agency that believes in the collaborative power of ideas and execution. 

He works with his clients towards the bigger picture with full vigor. 

Zeev never fails to focus on data-driven insights. His passion packed with experience helps him build the Paid Ads Team, SEO, and Web development projects for the agency’s clients. 

Bank on this assorted list of online marketing experts to master the field yourself and grow businesses by leaps and bounds. Leverage this goldmine to stay ahead of the curve at all times. Stay tuned in for more digital awesomeness coming your way!

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