LinkedIn Launches Engagement Retargeting & This Week’s Digital Marketing News [PODCAST]

LinkedIn makes a big engagement announcement, Bing Webmaster Tools are sharper than ever, Twitter finally allows users to schedule tweets in advance, and hosts Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld are here to tell you about all the news you may have missed this week.

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Join us as we break down the biggest digital marketing news of the week:

This long-awaited feature has us overjoyed, delighted, and dare we say, rejoicing?

LinkedIn announced that they will allow advertisers to create remarketing audiences based on engagement with lead forms or videos on the platform.

Advertisers should see this feature rolling out in their accounts over the next month.

Twitter users finally have the ability to schedule Tweets to be posted in the future.

This is an awesome opportunity for brands to schedule updates for product launches or events without using a third-party tool.

When composing a tweet on the desktop version of, click the calendar icon to schedule your tweet. Tweets can be scheduled as far out as 2022.

Bing launched a new Site Scan tool to crawl your site and check for technical issues.

It priorities issues with your site as errors (highest priority), warnings (priority), and notices (lowest severity) so you’ll know which issues to tackle first to improve the health of your site.

Bing also updated and improved their backlink research tool, which shows links from unique top referring domains, links on a per-page level, and top anchor text for your site and competitor’s sites.

In our take of the week segment, Steve Hammer is losing all faith in Google’s close variant matching.

This is a new PPC match problem I’m seeing. BMM where a word is omitted. Example Blue widget system – matching for blue widget. The system needless to say is a huge change in intent Anyone else? #ppcchat

— Steve Hammer (@armondhammer) June 3, 2020

This week’s ICYMI comes from Steven van Vessum, who shows us the right way to opt-out of featured snippets.

By now most of you know about the Featured Snippet change.

Careful now…

I see LOADS of people advising to use the “nosnippet” meta tag.

🛑DON’T. DO. IT.🛑

What you’re looking for is the max-snippet tag. Lower the max length until your FS snippet turns into a regular one.

— Steven van Vessum (@Stevenvvessum) January 23, 2020

Then, we answer your burning digital marketing questions during our lightning round.

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