Facebook Confirms Test of Email Marketing Tools for Small Business Pages – Adweek

The social network said the new tools, should they be released, will enable SMBs to create email contact lists individually or by uploading contact lists from spreadsheets, after which they can compose emails via easy-to-use tools and send those emails directly via the Facebook platform, with the ability to track their performance.

Businesses that are part of the test group can access the new email marketing tools through a Marketing Emails tab in their pages’ inbox.

Meg Coffey/Facebook
Meg Coffey/Facebook

Coffey & Tea managing director Meg Coffey tipped off Adweek about the test and shared the screenshots in this post.

A spokesperson for Facebook said in an email, “We’re testing new email marketing tools with a small number of businesses to help them more efficiently notify their customers of changes to their services and operations. We’re evaluating whether these tools are beneficial for people and businesses before deciding whether to expand it further.”

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