Popular Design News of the Week: April 15, 2019 – April 21, 2019

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The best way to keep track of all the great stories and news being posted is simply to check out the Webdesigner News site, however, in case you missed some here’s a quick and useful compilation of the most popular designer news that we curated from the past week.
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Site Design: Takahisa Mitsumori

Front-end Developer Handbook 2019

Death by PowerPoint: The Slide that Killed Seven People

UX Agenda – UX Conferences, Meetups and Workshops in One Space

Netflix Rejected all these A/B Tested Homepage Variations

Long-form Websites and Typography

Why the US Government Just Made its own Font

New Logo for Ontario

Top Font Combinations

Keyboard Stickers

The Power of Emotions in Illustration

Rethinking Government Contracts – a UX Case Study

The 10 Usability Heuristics – Free Posters for your Design Office

Neue Haas Grotesk, the Other New ‘Helvetica’

The Current State of Progressive Web Apps

Gathering Insights in Google Analytics Can Be as Easy as A-B-C

The Psychology of Pricing

Insights from Designing One Graph a Hundred Times

Ways to Add Perspective in Design

Helvetica Now

A Tool Designers Can Borrow from Writers

What Should Designers Ship?

Totally Incomplete and Utterly Unfinished List of Non White Male Designers to Follow and Listen To.

Managing Complexity

Information Architecture: Building Bridges

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